Made in Canada

CamPro is a Canadian-based bullet manufacturer founded in Quebec in 1995. CamPro projectiles have an excellent reputation among shooters across Canada, and are gaining popularity down south of the 49th N parallel.
CamPro is used by competitive shooters, hunters, and law enforcement. A considerable part of the quality of a bullet is the thickness of the copper layer. CamPro bullets are plated with a 200-micron (8 thousandth of an inch) copper layer.
The thicker plating contributes to more Consistency and Repeat Accuracy when placing the shot.

Bullets Cut22

CamPro Bullets Outline

  • Full copper plated
  • 0.008” thick copper layer
  • Composed of 98% lead and 2% antimony
  • Swaging leads to a greater weight uniformity
  • Reformed at the end of the process for an ultra-precise shot
  • Can be used with standard reloading charts for jacketed bullets
  • Compare to competition, CamPro bullets won’t separate when load for magnum speed.

                                                   Campro Box2