Located in Victoria, DOUBLEPLATED Ltd. is Authorized CamPro Dealer for Vancouver Island, BC. We welcome the opportunity to supply Vancouver Island Sport Shooting Enthusiasts with high quality bullets.

We do not ship, all orders are accepted only through our website. The order will be confirmed and the pickup time arranged. Payment upon pickup by cash, personal Cheque or EMT.
Due to inventory update unpaid orders with no pickup confirmation are deleted from our file after 48 hours. Only pre-paid orders by EMT are reserved.



Whether it’s a Cowboy Action Competition, Police Pistol Combat, Bullseye Pistol Shooting, or Action Shooting Competition (IPSC), all shooters must pass mandatory safety course and master the rules. The Safety is a paramount.
It is never-ending learning curve. Men and women, new shooters and experienced top shooters, compete against each other, yet everyone is always ready to share experience and tips to improve skills.

We enjoy being part of this community and support this exciting  sport on Vancouver Island.

See You on the Range.